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Session 2 Survey Raffle: Winner #3!

Sorry for the delay on this third drawing. But here it is at last!

So – there are still two posters left to claim as well as the grand prize if we get 100% completion. I have 31 responses so far.

If I get 33, I’ll raffle off another poster.

If I get 35, I’ll raffle off the final one.

If I get 38… hold on to your hats.

Everyone who has taken the survey remains eligible to win in each drawing.




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Session 2 Survey Raffle: Winner #2!

Another day, another 10 survey responses. Time to pick winner #2!

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Session 2 Survey Raffle: Winner #1!

Well, that happened quickly.

I sent out the Session 2 camper survey a few hours ago. (Didn’t get it? Let me know, I’ll send it again!) This time around, I am raffling off exclusive playhouse signs from the 2014 and 2015 holiday and actors’ Renaissance seasons.

raffle prizes
From left to right: Patrick Earl in The Santaland Diaries, Rene Thornton Jr. in something(?), Rene Thornton Jr. in The Santaland Diaries, Stephanie Earl in The Twelve Dates of Christmas, and Sarah Fallon in Oh No She Didn’t (aka Antony and Cleopatra).

I pull a name for every 10 survey responders who email me with the secret word revealed at the end of the survey. Winners get to pick their poster, and remain eligible to win again and again!

Congrats, winner! Email me to let me know which poster you’d like!

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[PPP] A Night of Sonnets!

Our session has come to a close. Before that, however, we had our annual camp tradition of Sonnet Night! It’s Secret Santa, but with sonnets and dressing up as the sonnet’s subject on the last night of camp.

Here are just a few of the night’s priceless moments:

But wait – there’s more!


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Pic(k) of the Day #42: Mark Tucker in a Dress (or Sonnet Night)

This photo needs no explanation.