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Pic(k) of the Day #33: Ralphed!

Today the campers have their lecture with Dr. Ralph Alan Cohen. Dr. Cohen is the cofounder of the ASC, founder of the Mary Baldwin Shakespeare & Performance MLitt/MFA program, the first American winner of the Globe Wanamaker award, and the person who taught me everything I know. (He likes to remind me about that last point. Frequently.)

He talked about each of the plays and entreated the students never to be boring – for boredom is sin in the theatre. To make his point, he selected some campers at random to stand up and work a line or two. I snapped this photo of the first unsuspecting victim: Christopher!


Ralph worked with Christopher on phrasing – and then told him that the rest of his life (his college applications, his job prospects, the esteem of his future friends and family and coworker, every single facet of his life) rests on his ability to deliver his lines without moving his feet.

Or his knees.

He did it! Clearly, this bodes well.

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[PPP] Workshop-ing Mastery

The wonders never cease. This morning/afternoon, our campers went to three (count em: three!) workshops taught by our ASC education artists; we also had actors from the ASC’s 2016-17 Hungry Hearts Touring Troupe observing/learning along with them.

ASC education artist (and recent MLitt graduate!) Kayla Blue teaches this group of campers about the use of you/thou.
Our group listens in.
Kayla educates her class on textual clues in Shakespeare’s plays. Such clues include embedded stage directions, asides, shared lines, etc.
Kayla has our campers work on the Capulet Ball scene from Romeo & Juliet, which has a bevy of textual clues.
ASC education actor/actor Chris Bellinger, along with fellow education artist/actor Josh Innerst, teaches our campers and members of the Hungry Hearts touring troupe about stage combat.
ASC touring actors engage in combat.
Round 1…
Chris and Josh engage in teaching about combat.
For our “Excellent Motion’ workshop, the campers suggest redirects for touring actors (Ross Neal as Henry and Cordell Cole as Pistol) doing scene 5.1 from the ASC’s most recent production of Henry V.

After workshop-ing and lunch, Molly Seremet teaches the Much Ado cast about Viewpoints in cast-specific sessions; the rest of the campers get some time off before rehearsals.

Guided by Molly Seremet, the Much Ado cast in the midst of a Viewpoints exercise.
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Pic(k) of the Day #32: O Excellent Motion!

The campers were lucky enough to have ASC touring troupe actors Ross Neal and Cordell Cole to abuse during our redirect workshop. Luckily for everyone, they are both great sports.


Ross takes some rhetorical direction from campers* Ellis and Abe.


*Better known as the singular camper Ellis&Abe, rarely seen out of each other’s company.

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[PPP] As In A Theatre: Henry VIII Rehearsal

Rehearsals continue for our staged reading of about everyone’s favorite English king, Henry VIII.

Director Patrick Harris gives Ian and Cecilia direction in a scene.
Campers do text work. Yay words!
A curtain from one of our rehearsal fronds. #artsypictureisartsy

We perform this Saturday. Don’t miss it!

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Pic(k) of the Day #31: We shall not ‘scape a brawl!

Today’s pic(k) comes from the campers’ combat workshops.


No, they’re not learning the silly fish dance. They are learning proper fight distance for unarmed stage combat. But the mistake is understandable.

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“I’ll give my jewels for a set of beads…”

…but not this jewel. This costume piece is from one of our productions! Can you guess which one? If not, come see our Performance Festival on Sunday, August 7th and spy it for yourself. That, and watch the shows, I guess.

KJ Necklace
Can you guess which show this costume piece is from?

Overheard at ASCTC:

Director: We’re going to do costumes now.
Camper: Oooooh!

Camper: [Character’s] costume is straight up baller.